Do you have extra threaded nut inserts?

Would you have any threaded nut inserts? The kind that have to be pressed in with a hot soldering iron.
I built a copy of (video) and I’m looking to finish assembly to do a review of the design. I could stop by Tuesday evening and bring the gearbox. We can try it together!

Lee’s has M3 and M4 in stock, these might work for your use case.

If you need just a few there’s a few M3 ones we’re using for a voron build but there will be spares. You can safely take up to 8 from the bin inside the voron on the main table.

In general I get mine from AliExpress and they’re good as I can bother to care, and kinda cheap.

Not familiar with how to use these but a box full of these magically appeared on the main table. Do they look right? 8 boxes total