Do you have a spare 5v7a PS lying around?

Are you looking to unburden yourself of an extra power supply? I need 5v minimum 7a.
If yes, please reply. I will be at VHS Tuesday night.

I have a donated 16x2 grid of MAX2719 red LEDs working.
I’ve got the test pattern OK as long as I take out 7 of the 32 LED grids.
I’m currently running at 5v5a, the only PS I have.
7/32 = ~22%, 5a * 1.22 = 6.09, so 7amps should cover it.
Not feeling bold enough to hack in a second power supply, suspect that would let out the magic smoke.

Thank you for reading!

I think we have a few larger 5V power supplies at VHS in the 5V power supplies box.

doh! of course, I’ll check it out.