Do we want to buy this resin printer?

So i saw this on the innerwebs. They say it is fully functional. Does anyone have any experience which big resin printers like this. Do we want this machine at this space? Do we want to put together a group buy.

Do you know what kind of resin it takes and where to get it?

(I have zero experience with resin printers, but think it might be fun.)

I may be able to help purchase this, if VHS has resources to host / maintain / properly use this. Let me know via PMs if this “fits” at VHS.

I agree with @elizabot re: resin costs. I know @xquared did a lot of experimenting with the Formlabs printer. Resin was very expensive and I seem to recall only fancy proprietary resin worked the best.

Just to be clear this is an old machine and will likely need expensive replacement parts. For 650 we could get any of the newer consumer model (Mars 2 pro) resin printers that do a comparable job or better these days. As well as having cheap available parts and resins. This machine uses a non standard resin that would be harder to obtain as well.


ok I understand. thank you for the insight. That is what I was afraid of. Some tech does not age well.

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I just want to second that, it also looks like it’s got a huge tank, which will take a lot of resin to fill up.
the perfectory brand is top notch though, they also make sintering 3d metal printer i believe

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I agree with the above. Buying something and maintaining it are two different equations. For something like this the maintenance cost will overtake the purchase cost fairly soon
But an awesome looking printer though. The range of resin is amazing.