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I have been having trouble finding supplies for my DIY projects in Canada. Things like solenoid valves, peltier modules, servo motors etc.
I’m tired of having to wait for these things to ship from China or getting stuck at the border coming from the US.

So my question is where do you order your components for your projects?

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Motion Canada is a name I hear pretty often around the space…

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Lee’s Electronics will have a lot of that stuff, and they’re also good people


Also, our freecycle shelf sometimes has things with useful components if you don’t mind extracting them…

Lees Electronics and RP Electronics are the only electronics parts shops left in the Vancouver area I think…

Some others I have used:
Magic Box Hobbies - Last generic hobby shop in Vancouver. They have servos and lots of RC model car and plane parts, great for robotics projects (along with Revell model kits if you wanna relive the past)
Central Hobbies - Model railroad specific but have lots of small parts that are handy
Solarbotics - Located in Calgary they used to have a more extensive range of products but seem to have less now
Robotshop - They have a Quebec location so ship from Canada. A bit pricey but they have a huge range of products

Some I have not used but look decent:
BCRobotics - Located in Nanaimo they seem to have a decent selection

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Also Canakit, located in North Van but do all their business by mail.

Elmwood Electronics - - Toronto based. Used to work with their new GM. Stock and supply adadfruit boards so can cut out the nasty customs and delays.

Hah, I just ordered from them the first time yesterday!

I just found also…

No one’s mentioned the incredible local supplier list on our wiki yet: