DIY Auto Repair


Just bouncing off ideas:
If VHS has a Car Hoist and Auto repair tools, can we potentially get a ton of new members, as there are many in Greater Vancouver who would like such access.

Some time back I was looking for a DIY place where Car Hoists can be rented and couldn’t find one. There is a DIY Auto repair place in Calgary ( which seems to be popular.

(1) If the membership wants, should we bid on the Hoist and other tools?

(2) Does the lease allow a Hoist to be installed?

(3) Has anyone gone through the process of getting such a permit from the city?

(4) Potential Safety issues and associated training process?

(5) Insurance requirements?

Suggestions and feedback appreciated, Thanks!

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I suggest adding insurance implications to the list.


As much as I would love that, I have seen it mentioned here a few times that auto mechanic work is expressly prohibited in our lease


fwiw The business licence from the City of Vancouver for VHS is Artist Studio Class B.

Not sure that automotive work fits into this category. Perhaps if you are making art cars?


Yup, we are Artist Studio - Class B.
We have to abide by our use permit, or apply for a change of use, which is not cheap fun or easy and often has implications regarding things like ventilation and building upgrades.

From the bylaw:

Artist Studio - Class B, which means the use of premises for the production of
(a) dance or live music involving electronically amplified sound,
(b) moving or still photography (excluding video) involving on-site film processing,
(c ) paintings, drawings, pottery or sculpture involving the use of fibreglass, epoxy and other
toxic or hazardous materials or one or more of the following processes: welding,
woodworking, spray painting, silk screening or fired ceramics;

Automotive is more Service Bay:

Service Bay means an automotive mechanical service and repair facility which is completely enclosed
within a building, offers services and repairs such as carburetor and ignition servicing, muffler installing,
brake relining, wheel balancing, front-end alignment and similar services, and is maintained in an
operable condition.

So no hoist.


If the lease prohibits Auto mechanic work, then that means it cannot be done.


Also, from the lease:
Use of Premises

4.8 The Premises may be used and occupied only for the purpose of a workshop for activities
including 3D printing, laser cutting, machining, crafting, electronics, robotics, programming,
electronic music and art as permitted under the existing zoning regulations which the Tenant has
investigated and found compatible with its use. The Tenant shall operate the Premises in a
reputable and diligent manner in accordance with this Lease and the rules and regulations
designed or established by the Landlord.
4.9 The Tenant shall not during the Term vacate the Premises either in whole or in part (whether
actually or constructively) and shall at all times actively carry on in the Premises the type of
business for which the Premises are leased to the Tenant.
4.10 The Tenant shall not bring to or take from the Premises safes, motors, machinery, furniture,
fixtures, or supplies of unusual weight or bulk without the prior written consent of the Landlord
and will not overload any floor in the Premises.

The last clause is a no hording clause btw :stuck_out_tongue: