Disruption of the large wood storage behind wood cnc

I recently resumed my membership after a few months of not coming by. I bought some plywood sheets and brought it back to the space for a project and found I couldn’t fit them in storage. I thought I would pull some of the unmarked things out and make some room and then I decided I would do what I thought was the right thing and organize the whole storage space. I was quickly in over my head and had pulled out basically everything in that storage space and reorganized it left to right by date on green tape. Only after I talked to some senior members did I realize that I might have just disrupted a bunch of peoples stuff and not really made that much of a difference. Also, after I was done there was a bunch of pieces I thought weren’t going to be used and I put them in the no name fair game area. If I messed anything up or made an unnecessary mess, I apologize, I was just trying to do something nice for the space. If it helps I will happily drive all the pieces you guys want to get rid of to the recycling depot in my truck. I’ll be in the space tomorrow.

TLDR: I put a bunch of large pieces from the storage space behind the cnc machine in the “no name fair game” spot and after realizing I might have made more of a mess than was originally there, am offering to take any of the scrap items to the recycling depot personally.


No, you had the right idea. Thanks for the initiative, especially as a new member! Cleaning up stuff like this is thankless, and sometimes ruffles a few feathers.

Nevertheless it’s super important. The rule is that everything in these shared materials storage areas must be labeled with a name and date. Otherwise they are fair game for anyone’s use. If they are for space infrastructure projects or reserved for any other purpose, they also must be clearly labeled as such.

Sounds like maybe it turned into a bigger project than you were prepared for. Next time enlist the help of a bystander or just make sure you have time to finish the job and/or put it back in a better state than it started.


Seriously, thanks for doing that! Keeping on top of the scrap bin and the material storage is super important and very few people actually help take initiative. That cabinet has already been awful to use for a while, so any removal of material is an improvement. Organizing it left to right by date = awesomesauce. I’ll take a look at the things you pulled out and give my opinion and maybe post a picture here to get more feedback.


Ok phew I was worried this would make a bad start to the summer at the wood shop. Here are some photos of the scrap I pulled out (I put some of it back and moved the rest away from the cnc machine).


As mentioned above, it’s a vital but thankless job and there will almost always be someone who kvetches. Thanks for taking on the task! Laser storage has always been an area that could use a better system, but it’s just one of those things… there isn’t an easy better alternative and it’s working JUST ENOUGH that there isn’t motivation to really pursue a difficult one. Your idea of sorting by date is not the worst thing to be done to that stack of material over the years :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the thickness on those thin plywood pieces? :drooling_face: