Digital Fortune Telling Fish (Need Help with Coding)

Some of you might know me already from the space, but I’ve never used this forum before!
My name is Zee and I have been coming to VHS on and off since maybe 2010 ish. I work with Chad, Jake, Derrick on the Makers Making Change project so you might have met me at the space hosting an Toy Hack or Lipsync event at some point.

I could use some advice/help with coding a fish!
Happy to trade skills with anyone if they are able to help with anything significant beyond directing me to a website. Happy for any help I can get!

The Project
I have one of those talking singing fish that people use with Alexa. A couple members of the space helped me with the original in person ‘live fish’ experience @DJMIPS and @Rob_MacKenzie
The Magic Trout is the logo and mascot for my side business Magic Trout Imaginarium.

The original project if you’re interested is listed under “kilgore-trout” in this forum

With Covid and no in person events on the horizon, I want to create a fortune telling fish as an online experience to embed into my mailing list to make receiving email communications more fun.

Is there a code you know of that could be easily modified to create a sort of online fortune teller?
Here are a few ideas of how I thought it could work

  • Video: embed a Question form “ask the magic trout an simple yes or no question” with a box to enter their question. Film the fish robot saying each of the pre-recorded audio tracks,then create/modify some code to randomly choose one of the files/responses. One of these would be randomly chosen as the response.

  • Similar form idea for questions, but using a gif instead of video and but a separate audio file that would align with each of the responses(so the mouth lines up)

*use the same form idea for questions, but with a still fish image and play the audio as reply(randomly generated-kinda like this but with a question form?
https:// www. magicmgmt. com/gary/magic8ball/index1. html
I had to break up that url cuz it won’t let me post it.

*still image and still text (similar to this) http:// eightball. tridelphia. net/

Not sure which is easier/load quicker
Any suggestions on where to start?