Digikey/Mouser order today

I’m putting in an order tonight. Let me know if you want to add anything to it. My company is paying the shipping fee.

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No not at this time.
I don’t have time to play.
I think you owe me for the batteries.

lets meetup on the weekend. I have some code, I would like you to review.

Hi Hector
Do you have time to meet this weekend?

I’m going to make another order at the end of this week. My company is paying the shipping fees so here is another chance for some cheap quality parts.

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@hectorh I’d be in the market for an order of 10 of these Deltron enclosures, model # 459-0010, if that’s possible to add to your company order!


Please let me know if that’s workable and I can send you cash right away.


Yeah, I’ll include your enclosures in my order. I’ll make the order on Monday the 5th.

But a heads up that Mouser is having serious backlogs with their shipping, my order from last week just shipped today (@Gavitron )


Thanks so much, @hectorh! Please let me know what I owe you and your preferred method of reimbursement. :+1: