Desktop studio monitors (KRK Rokit 5) possible filter capacitor malfunction


One of my studio monitors started making strange buzzing sounds. After making sure that there was no problem with any cable in the system i confirmed that the sound is just coming from the speaker itself. Having looked online at what other owners of these studio monitors had done to fix it, it sounds like its one of the large filter capacitors on the crossover board. But none of them really look like they’re faulty(expanded). I’m hoping to test those capacitors in series with as ESR meter so that i know which one to replace.
Would any members be able to help me out?
I would have liked to bring them to the event this evening but i guess i waited to long to reserve a spot. Hopefully there will be another soldering workshop soon. Always looking to improve my solder skills.


@britzkopf it’s probably best to drop by during open house on Tuesday evenings (7:30-late)
There are usually plenty of members around with soldering/testing experience during open night.

As for getting more experience, tonight’s solder workshop is a surface mount one, so a little different from the regular soldering. We also have beginners solder kits available, which you could try at an open house.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll be there Tuesday with bells on!