Delta Thickness Drum Sander for sale - needs work


Tradeworks has a Delta Thickness Drum sander for sale. It is in need of repair. The sanding drum and feed belt work great. The mechanism to raise and lower the feed table is jammed and will likely need to be disassembled to repair it. Also, the shaft is bent on the potentiometer that controls the feed belt speed and will likely need to be replaced. $100 obo.


Steve, if it isn’t gone, would you let me try doing a ‘repair night’ with it? These aren’t normally very cheap and I’d love to show value in getting something up and running again.


Absolutely! It would be a great project.


Awesome, I have marked October 4th in my calendar. Proper event to come. I’ll pick it up when I drop off the working one.

Fixit Night: Thickness Sander - October 4th @ 7pm

Fixed the broken gear. I filed the teeth over, looks like a new one is $25

Now to level the bed, but now I know how.


This was the culprit.

Here it is working at the end of the night:


Well done! Glad you could get it up and running again!