Defective Baofeng UV-82 - audio output spikes


I’m thinking my UV-82 is defective, but before persuing a replacement,
thought I’d check with existing owners to see if they have the same issue.

I have 3 headsets with PTT buttons, one that came with the radio as a bundle
and 2 I purchased separately and all exhibit the same issue below when
listening to an audio signal.

Now, when I am using an earpiece, anytime audio comes on, there is a loud
(regardless of the volume control level) click that is not painful per se,
but is seriously unpleasant. I susepct it’s at a level where it will either
damage hearing with extended usage or damage the earphone speaker. Think
that loud buzz/pop you sometimes get when turning on an older audio amp which
is supposed to be damaging to the speakers.

So anytime the radio announces something, eg Channel mode or Frequency mode
this occurs, same happens when any transmission comes through.

It’s kinda like a relay kicking in to play the audio.

Anyone else experiencing this?


I haven’t used the ear piece yet. I’ll give it a try and let you know.


Cool thanks! I am hoping to use one of the headsets I’ve got for the SunRun
volunteering. As it stands now, it’s unpleasant enough that I’d end up using
the shoulder mic I picked up.

However when it’s noisy, it’s still hard to hear these things so in/on ear
speaker would be a lot better.


I tested this out tonight, and yes, it does emit a loud click when audio comes on. Very unpleasant. I guess I’ll have to get something different.

I would much rather use a headset than a shoulder mic. I’ll have to see what I can find.


I seem to have lost mine. Can’t test this.


Crap I was hoping I had a defective radio and a warranty replacement would fix it.

Harondel J. Sibble
Sibble Computer Consulting


Just sent an email to Baofeng support, we’ll see what they come back with…

Curious though, for you folks with the UV-5R, does it have the same issue?


It may be the headset, not the radio. I did a quick search last night and came across a reddit question (but no answer) as well as a headset review.

The reviewer tested several headsets and found only one that suited him. He was testing on the uv-5r, but I don’t think that makes difference:

We could get someone with a uv-5r radio to test our headsets. Rob?


This person - A.H. Trimble - has some more headset reviews that I’ll have to read.

In one, he talks about covert ear bud and mic units, like secret agents wear. I love this paragraph:

“So, here comes the secret agent option. When I am doing personal protection work, the client usually doesn’t want the security to be high profile. They may want to make sure that everyone sees there are large, tennis-ball haircut, attentive “friends” but that is about it.”


Besides the headset that came with the radio, I have a shoulder mic which has
a 3.5mm headset port and using regular music earbud’s I get the same audio

Along the lines of the covert headset I have one of these

it’s earbud has the same audio spike :frowning:

In a nutshell, it’s the radio sadly.

I’ll have to read the articles you sent in more depth now.


I’ve got my radio with me, but it’s in on my bike, a few floors away. I can test tonight at the ARC meeting.


I hope to make it tonight and bring my headsets along.


I won’t be at the Space tonight but may be able to do some radio checks from my place (near the PNE) if you let me know when and where you are going on the air…


I have a UV5R and a UV82 and can confirm that both have the same audio click… but I only noticed it because it was mentioned. Mine certainly is not a loud “pop” nor is it something that I would consider to be in any way damaging to speakers or my hearing.

The supplied ear/mic combo is garbage. I recently bought &psc=1 speaker mic and &psc=1 covert ear/mic combo. I’m particularly impressed with the audio quality of the latter (possibly because I had low expectations!) I’ll be trying both at the Sun Run this weekend.

On a related note, the UV82 has 2 PTTs, but if you use an external mic with only 1 PPT, it uses PPT B. Do folks know if this can be changed so PPT A is used instead?

73 Ian VE7FTO


Not possible unless you want to re-wire the mic.


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