Dead 80's marine autopilot

HELP PLEASE!! I am looking for an old school electronics whisper who can help me bring my Wagner series 50 marine auto pilot back to life.

I have the control unit off the boat with manual and spare parts in Vancouver.

A current hack space member Farrell Segall suggested I post here looking for help.

If I am posting in the wrong spot could someone let me know where I should post.

Thanks so much for your help.

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  1. Do you have a picture of it?
  2. Do you have any user or service manual?
  3. What are it’s symptoms?

Assuming service info is available (schematics and such) then I can take a look at it but can’t promise any timely results…


Can you take it apart and take lots of pictures of the circuit boards?


@Worldvoyager Farrell is a good friend of ours and you have come to the right place. Looking forward to seeing some photos of the inside of the autopilot. Please post em when you can.


Some of these old autotillers are really cool! Maybe this schematic will help. Bad cert, but a valid site.

Love owners manual from the past that include a schematic, expected voltages and waveforms, PCB layout and a complete parts list…