D&D at the Hack Space

Adrian @Sasperzilla has offered to host a Dungeon & Dragons at the Vancouver Hackspace. No set time and date yet, we were hoping for a relatively consistent weekly group of between 4-5 people. I was personally hoping this would be a physical game taking place at the Hackspace.

Adrian is a seasoned dungeon master with a ton of experience DMing, I have some experience playing online. I was hoping for a mix of new and experienced players we can introduce some new people to the game, but also share the load on explaining the rules.

So I am posting here to get a feel for people’s interest. Who would be interested in a game like this.


I like this idea, but I’m already in a weekly game and I can’t handle another one. :frowning:

there’s no such thing as too much d&d

Up for it!

I’ll give it a go. If someone can run me through the basics