D&D at the Hack Space

Adrian @Sasperzilla has offered to host a Dungeon & Dragons at the Vancouver Hackspace. No set time and date yet, we were hoping for a relatively consistent weekly group of between 4-5 people. I was personally hoping this would be a physical game taking place at the Hackspace.

Adrian is a seasoned dungeon master with a ton of experience DMing, I have some experience playing online. I was hoping for a mix of new and experienced players we can introduce some new people to the game, but also share the load on explaining the rules.

So I am posting here to get a feel for people’s interest. Who would be interested in a game like this.


I like this idea, but I’m already in a weekly game and I can’t handle another one. :frowning:

there’s no such thing as too much d&d

Up for it!

I’ll give it a go. If someone can run me through the basics

If we get enough players (which it seems like we will) all we have to do is decide on what day of the week works for everyone, and how often we want to play :slight_smile: I’ll be running the game, and will definitely take any new players through the endless set of rules step by step :smiley:

Which campaign/setting do you have in mind?

that’s another discussion! if we have an abundance of new players we could run Phandelver as it’s really the easiest, or I do also have the modules for Tyranny of Dragons and the new Icewind Dale setting too. I’m also fairly deep into my own homebrew world building, so that’s another option. I think it really depends on the type of players we have

I might be a bit late to the party, but I just bought a new dice set and I’m itching to use them for some good ol’ dnd