Cutting Board Workshops December 2023

Hey All

I’ll be offering up a few Cutting Board workshops over the next few weeks after Culture Crawl. The workshop is designed for beginners and it will give you some guided experience using several mainstay tools in the woodshop. You will use the Miter Saw, Planer/Jointer, Tablesaw, A Router (handheld or table), and Orbital sanders as part of the workshop in a supervised environment. You will get a chance to work with some domestic and exotic hardwoods all while designing something you can take home and use for years to come. Here is an example of some of the work put out from this workshop.

This is a two day workshop. To attend the workshop i’ve set specific dates to work as Day 1 and Day 2 to try and make things a bit easier to manage. Each day runs about 3-4 hours depending on the number of participants and the volume of questions. If you are interested please reply below and let me know what dates/times work out best for you.

Tasks done during the workshop

Day 1:

  • Design and plan out your cutting board and cuts.
  • Cut rough sawn lumber to rough size.
  • Tool orientation on Jointer/Planer and Tablesaw.
  • Square up the lumber and cut workpieces.
  • Glue up your pieces.

Day 2:

  • jointer/planer refresh when flattening the boards
  • Tablesaw refresher to square up your cutting board
  • Route edges around the perimeter of the cutting board
  • Sanding, Sanding, Sanding
  • Grain Pop, Cleanup Break, Instructions on Finishing Steps.
  • One quick final Sanding

Dates for the workshop:

Day 1 slots:

Saturday, November 25th: 10 am - 2 pm - (2 of 4 spots available)
Wednesday, November 29th: 4pm - 8pm - (2 of 4 spots available)
Monday, December 4th: 4pm - 8pm - (1 of 4 spots available)
Saturday, December 9th: 10am- 2pm - (2 of 4 spots available)

Day 2 slots

Sunday, November 26th: 10am - 2pm - (2 of 4 spots available)
Friday, December 1st: 4pm - 8pm - (2 of 4 spots available)
Wednesday, December 6th: 4pm - 8pm - (3 of 4 spots available)
Sunday, December 10th: 10am - 2pm - (0 of 4 spots available)

Note: last updated Nov 8th.


Type of person Previously Oriented on the Tablesaw and Planer Jointer? Cost
VHS Member Yes 80.00
VHS Member No 130.00 - 50 dollars donated back to the hackspace on your behalf as part of the training/orientation.
Non VHS Member No 150.00 - 70 dollars donated back to the hackspace. If they become members they will be considered oriented on the Tablesaw and Jointer/Planer

Oooh yes! Can I grab spots on Dec 9 and 10?

Awesome Nico, I’ll mark you down for those dates!

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Hey this looks like a great way to become more familiar with the space! Can I join for the 9th and 10th slots as well? I haven’t gone through any VHS orientation yet.



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December 4th and 6th please =D


I’m a beginner woodworker and took this cutting board workshop with Phil about a year ago. It was absolutely fantastic and a huge value for the price. You get loads of instruction and practical hands on experience with all the major woodshop tools. Here’s the cutting board I made!


Awesome! Can I grab spots on Dec 9 and Dec 10?

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Thanks to everyone for putting up with me taking a bit more space to run this workshop series. In total I’ve raised another 500 dollars for future dust collection projects around the space. This will help offset some costs for purchasing electrical, materials to build out the manifold for Herbie Hoover, and additional hoses, blast gates, and what ever else might be needed to build out any remaining infrastructure for dust collection. Anything left over just goes into VHS pockets.

In a quick summary i had 12 participants, 5 people I met during culture crawl and registered immediately after that show. Another 2 won their spots in my class through a silent auction run through Culture Crawl as well. The remaining 5 were VHS members.

Its been awesome to see the results of everyone’s work during this beginner workshop over the past couple of years running it. If you missed out on this class I will be happy to run it again if you can find one or two other people to attend (minimum class size is 2 people).

I am also developing a more intermediate/advanced class based around making Kumiko. It will likely be demo style workshop with some hands on tasks. I hope to pull this together by March or April after I make one more Kumiko based project.