Cutting Board Workshop - May 4th and 5th

Hi All

I’ll be planning out another cutting board workshop. The workshop will be planned for May 4th and May 5th starting at 5pm on both days. This will be a 2 day workshop intended for those who are complete a complete beginner. You will be provided all the materials needed to make your cutting board including the wood, glue and all the finishes needed and will able to make your cutting boards from scratch. This is a great applied workshop that will take you through many of the woodworking tools you might use for any future projects and a chance to use some really cool exotic woods for your boards.

If you would like to see some of the past boards that were made by other VHS members or myself checkout our instagram: chop_x_chop

Spots will be capped at two people because of Covid.

If you just need to be checked out on the tools please let me know. I will block off some time on April 30th for signoffs for the tablesaw/jointer and planer. Tool orientations are a suggested donation to the hackspace of $50 dollars.

Cost on the workshop will be a total cost of 130 as follows:
$40 - Material costs (wood, glue, mineral oil, wax) - Paid to me via email money transfer.
$40 - My time (a few hours of instructional time) - Paid to me via email money transfer. The amount collected here will be donated back to the Hackspace to help fund improved dust collection within the hackspace when appropriate.
$50 - Tool Orientation for those who are not already familiar with the Table Saw, Jointer/Planer. - donation to VHS directly. Just show me an email receipt/donation to the drop box. I would encourage you to also earmark this donation towards the dust collection project.

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I’d like to sign up

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Thanks Phillip, I’ll try to clear those two nights and come back here with a more concrete response. Of course I’m fine if someone else takes the spot before I respond with a commitment.

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I’d like to attend please.


Hi @Phillip_Ma just checking we’re good to go on Wednesday/tomorrow night. Am assuming we can do the etransfers on the spot can do earlier as needed. Thanks, Tom.

Yes - we will make those arrangements tomorrow.

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