Cutting Board Workshop - Beginner Edition

Hi All

I’ll be looking to plan out another cutting board workshop January 19-20th and run from 5pm until 8pm. This will be a 2 day workshop intended for those who are looking to get checked out on the Table Saw and Jointer/Planer. You will be provided all the materials needed to make your cutting board including the wood, glue, and all the finishes needed and will able to make your cutting boards from scratch. This is a great applied workshop that will take you through many of the woodworking tools you might use for any future projects and a chance to use some really cool exotic woods for your boards.

If you would like to see some of the past boards that were made by other VHS members or myself checkout our instagram: chop_x_chop

Spots will be capped at two people because of Covid. Please be sure to use the booking system to reserve a time slot for this as well.

If you just need to be checked out on the tools please let me know and we can arrange a separate time.

Cost on the workshop will be a total cost of 130 as follows:
$40 - Material costs (wood, glue, mineral oil, wax) - Paid to me via email money transfer.
$40 - My time (a few hours of instructional time) - Paid to me via email money transfer.
$50 - Tool Orientation for those who are not already familiar with the Table Saw, Jointer/Planer. - donation to VHS directly. Just show me an email receipt/donation to the drop box.


I took a recent edition of this workshop and totally recommend it!

Has great learning by repitition activities on the planer/jointer and table saw, plus you get to take home a great cutting board at the end!


Hi Phillip,

I’d love to take one of these slots next week if there’s any available? I’ve just sent through my membership request and when that’s been approved I’ll register for one of the slots. (I imagine there’s a link somewhere I can find to do this once I’m a member?)

I’ll pay the fees as mentioned as soon as I know the details.

Heard great things about this workshop and I’m looking forward to meeting you and learning some new skills. (And making a cutting board!)

Many thanks,


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I’m in if there is an open slot. I too just signed up for membership and just waiting for the members access. I’m looking forward to getting some training on the table saw.



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Thanks Jeff and Rich - Please be sure to use the to book some time on both days in the woodshop. under the service drop down pick the wood shop for 3 hours on both days.

This workshop is now full but I’ll run another workshop for those who are looking to make a Valentines day gifts in February on the weekend. Time TBD.

Ah it looks like it’s full for the 19th and 20th as 5pm-8pm aren’t bookable on that site unfortunately. I’ll keep an eye out for the weekend times!

Hey @Phillip_Ma , those times aren’t available on the 19/20th. Are there any other times that would work?

Looks like there is a timeslot available starting at 4 pm. I can start then as well.


I grabbed 4pm on the 19th and 20th. I guess confirm if it’s all a go and I’ll sort out the e transfers and donation. @iamfriendly are you able to make that work?

There’s only 7pm available right now it seems on both days. It’s all good, I can wait until the weekend one. I appreciate both of your help!

If you do more, please let me know :slight_smile: I’d be interested.

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