Cutting 1/4" plywood


Can we easily cut 1/4" plywood at VHS.
Starting with a 24" x 48" cut into smaller pieces.
Can this be laser cut. Can this be cut on the wood CNC?

I am trying to make a wooden box with tongue and groove joints.

I have laser training, does the CNC require training as well?


Not really a question without a question mark, but I’ll answer it with yes.
Missing question mark, but assuming question; yes, but you’d first need to cut it up into more workable pieces. Technically, yes, but I wouldn’t use it for that. I’d rather use the table saw to cut it up into manageable pieces first.

Yes, the CNC router requires training. Aside from a minimal training for the CNC router, metal CNC training carries over though, but ask @Lukeo or #woodworking on Slack.


1/4" plywood cuts fairly well on the laser. Ideally birch or something else with low amount of glue.
Typical settings would be full power (i.e. 60%) @ 15 mm/s speed. You’ll want to do a test using your material.

The laser bed is 800 mm x 1000 mm - you’ll need to cut down a 24" x 48" before you put it on the laser.

There are quite a few free services for generating plans for laser cut boxes. For example:


Does anyone remember how to use inkscape extension for tongue and slot?


Do you mean the tabbed box maker?


This guy?