Custom Cabling for Intel RealSense Camerase


Hi all. I’m a producer at Blueprint Reality Inc, just down the hall from the Hack Space!

We’re working some Intel camera hardware that requires custom cables to connect more than one together to sync their data.

Would there be anyone in the Hack Space with the know-how to fabricate a handful of these cables for us given the specs from Intel’s whitepapers? We’d be happy to work out payment terms for the materials and your time!

The whitepaper itself can be found here:

If you or anyone you know is interested please give me a shout here or at!



it would be helpful if you gave a timeline for the project.


As soon as possible, but I’m not sure how long this sort of thing takes, so open to discussion.


Hi Sulli.

This is a very well described project. Should be doable by a few of our members.

I can certainly build this for you. I have built some systems similar in the past, I used to do professional sound/lighting/video systems for production companies. If anyone else is interested drop a line here, happy to pass off if anyone is more vested.

I’m going to contact you (Sulli) via email and order the parts as soon as I hear back. If we can’t work out a contract between us, I’d be happy to pass the parts off to another, or just provide them at cost to Sulli.