Current State of the metal shop

Hey everyone, for those that want to pitch in at the metal shop, here is a incomplete list of things that needs to be done, I do not have enough details on how these things should be done, so I am hoping more experienced makers will guide me along the way.

  1. Scrap storage
    There is currently a pile of metal scrap in the back corner. That is actually blocking space for stuff that we need. We need to sort through that scrap bin, keep the useful metal and get rid of the rest.

  2. Back Door
    As I understand it, there is a back door that swings open inwards. Currently, that door is not functional cause the hinges simply can’t handle the weight. The plan is to make that door functional so that the anvil and forge can be wheeled out easily.

  3. Ventilation.
    Ventilation fan is currently in place, but it is not hooked up the to movable arm and it is not hooked up outside. Not exactly sure how the whole thing is supposed to be hooked up, i will take a look at that later today if I have time.

  4. Tool Wall
    I will be coordinating with wood working shop finding a place for a common tool wall. More details on that as we move forward.

  5. Support of Box and pan break.
    All the pieces are cut for the box and pan break. They just need to be welded together, and have casters welded on. So if someone who knows how to weld stainless steel and take charge of that project that would be great.

That is all I know for now. I am sure more things will pop up as we move forward. Thanks ahead of time for all of your support.