CSA Dielectric Testing of hobby level electronics


I’ve designed a simple brewing controller using a combination of a Gameduino 3 LCD, an interface board that sits on it and a Teensy 3.2 to control the unit. Onboard, the interface board has a 12V to 5V power supply, a few capacitors and a ULN2003 relay driver. Its powered by a 12V power supply (120 or 240 VAC input) and the interface board drives a 12V buzzer, a 12V relay and some SSR’s. Schematics and pics available if requested.

My question relates to CSA dielectric testing (presumed to be the same as described below)

The first round of our controllers that were tested, 7 of the 11 units LCD’s stopped working following testing.

Can someone familiar with dielectric testing comment on this to point me in the right direction?


(1) While doing the Dielectric test, can you remove only the EMI filter caps (also called Y caps), 2 in number at the Power Input?

(2) Use double layers of Kapton, Nomex or Mylar sheets between chassis (enclosure) and the PCB or circuit section

(3) Do a DC Dielectric test instead of AC Dielectric test?