Creative Reuse Interview

Hi Hack Space folks!

My name is ivy hazard and I am a creative reuse artist who has been researching the field throughout BC thanks to a CCA grant I received. I’m reaching out to see if anyone with experience with the space be interested in an interview where we talk about VHS’s history and the specifics of re-imagining materials for other uses. I’m able to donate $300 for someone’s time. Please let me know if anyone is available.


I’d be interested in this. I’ve been involved with VHS since 2010


Hey Ivy - congrats on getting a CCA grant - that’s fantastic. I just want to add that @JohnC is definitely a great person to talk to as he’s been around almost as long as the space has been a space. Good luck with your project!


I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you after reaching out y’all. There was a family health emergency that came up over the holidays that persisted for several months.

It would be my pleasure to do an interview sometime next week, John. Are there best times then that could work for you? Let me know & we’ll book something in. Let me know at ivywilson.w [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Hey sorry I missed your reply! Yeah, I’m almost always at the space on Thursdays during the day between 10am-3pm. I’ll follow up by email as well.