COVID-19 physical sanitation measures for the Hack Space -- **Call to Action**

I’m working on getting the kitchen sink up and running so that we have a hand washing station for people entering and leaving VHS. I need to snake the drain in order to get that to happen; does anybody have one that I can borrow?

Also, I have acquired two costco-sized jugs of lysol and paper towels, with the intention of setting up a station so that people can pick up their disinfecting kit as they walk in the door. The only thing I need to get this the rest of the way there is about 6 spray bottles.

It would also be really nice if we could pick up some gloves that can live at the front door to be part of the disinfecting kits.

If you have an idea for making the space safer that you want to get some help with, let’s discuss it here.


A pipe snake has been offered through a PM. Hooray!

I made up a couple of spray bottles of isopropyl-based sanitizer; they are by the front door with the stash of paper towels. Can’t miss 'em. Please keep one with you when you’re using the space, and sanitize your touch-surfaces as you finish with them.

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Things we need to physically do to the space:


Here are some resources:

On front door:

  • reminds people that if they have experienced covid-19 symptoms (list of symptoms) within the last 14 days they should not enter the space.
  • lists physical distancing measures in the space;
  • reminds people to wash hands when entering and leaving the Space
  • reminds people to wash hands frequently
  • reminds people to sanitize contact surfaces after touching and when leaving the space

In the lobby:

  • Signage directing people to the sink in the kitchen for hand washing (once a working sink is installed)
  • Keep 2 Metres Apart signage; can get creative… Darth Vader’s arm span is 2 metres, FYI
  • reminder that as we do not have paid cleaning staff, it is the Member’s responsibility to sanitize contact surfaces when they leave the space.

Throughout the space:

  • reminders to wash hands frequently (every 30 minutes or after touching face)
  • reminders to keep 2 metres apart
  • reminders to sanitize contact surfaces and shared tools when you’re done with them
  • reminders on garbage cans to wear gloves and a mask when taking out the trash, and to immediately wash your hands upon returning inside

Reminders at sinks to:

  • wash hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds,
  • give the tap handles a wash while they’re at it

Other measures:

  • Installing the sink in the kitchen (I am currently working on this project, should be complete by this weekend, if I can get the damn drain unplugged)
    *build paper towel roll holders for the bathrooms
  • install a barrier between the two electronics benches (can be as simple as plastic vapour barrier)
  • build a barrier down the middle of the main work table (can be as simple as plastic vapour barrier hanging from ceiling)
  • attention tags on high-contact areas to help people to do a thorough job of sanitizing at the end of their stay: light switches, hand rail on stairs, door knobs, chair backs, tables, power bars, etc.
    *feasibility of turning the furnace fan on 24/7 to promote air changeover?
    *work on making it easy for the windows to be opened up in the summer to promote air flow (this is a longer term project)

*sanitizer kits placed in strategic locations around the space, with sanitizing instructions. 70% Isopropyl alcohol appears to the fastest-working disinfectant, so I have rustled up some, and am working on rustling up more; if you have a line on some, let’s see what we can do about getting it into the space. I want there to be like a dozen bottles of the stuff in the space, each with a paper towel .
We need:

  • more isopropyl
  • spray bottles
  • labels and instructions for sanitizing (let stand for 1 minute, do not get in eyes, do not mix with other cleaning fluids, etc) printed on the bottles in laser printed (ie not soluble in isopropyl alcohol)
    *nitrile or latex gloves

I invite everybody who is able to take on a task or two, and get 'er done.

If people have other ideas, let’s share them and see what we can do about making them happen.

Thanks everybody, stay safe