Counter-Veil Face-Shield

There is no evidence to support the claims that a face-shield or any other device will aid in the prevention of Covid-19. Use at your own peril.

My new ultra-minimalist face shield design utilizes:

  • 1 pair of eyewear
  • 1 sheet of overhead projector transparency
  • 4 zip-ties or twist-ties
  • 3 grams of printed material

At current print speeds, I could theoretically produce 300 face shields every 100 hours with a material cost of ~$200 minus the eyewear.


That’s an interesting approach.
have you seen this design?

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That’s the best design I’ve seen yet!

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The Facebook group “YVR Makers for Emergency Response & Support” are working on an improved iteration of this design which will hopefully be released soon.


This masks looks familiar. :smiley:

They are using this design…

And here are SOP to print these shields that UK makers are following…


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The ‘Counter-Veil Ultra-minimalist Face Shield’ is up on Thingiverse. I can’t post links for some reason so this is the best I can offer:


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One printer, 500 grams of filament, 5 days = 150 face shield kits.

I produced these for 90 BCIT Nursing students starting their practicums today. We’re not entirely sure how well they could work on the job, but these are designed for decentralized mass-production and distribution. If it keeps them and others safe in transit to work, it’s already worth the $12.50 in PLA…