Cool Sh*t for Gifting

I’m starting this thread because sometimes its hard to buy for someone and I want to get links to cool things for makers. Let’s keep the topic to ‘things that will last’ because gifting crappy shit that breaks and goes in the garbage is dumb.

I’ll kick it off with a super fancy drawing compass:

As a bonus, their packaging is as beautiful as it is sustainable (you’ll likely want to keep the box).

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good idea.

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I can attest to the awesomeness of those kits; at least 3 different VHS members have borrowed mine and its been the most useful present anyone has gotten me… ever.

i dont own one but its on my wish list

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Hand tool recommendations:

this or this larger set of standard screwdrivers. Well made, and the tips on philips and slotted are laser etched with little grippy bits that prevent them from stripping screws, and make it easier to remove slightly stripped ones.

Wiha precision drivers - for small fasteners, these are the best. Made of good metal, don’t wear out, snap, or strip the fastener. Available in singles or kits, but I’d recommend waiting for them to go on sale.

Knipex Pliers Wrench (Plench) like an adjustable crescent wrench, but quick to change, better force application, doesn’t slip…