Community thoughts on opening the space tomorrow

Hi VHS Community,

As you may know, I have started opening the space from 11 to at least 4pm for non-keyholding members to get a little more time. So far, it seems like people have found this useful. However, in our current COVID-19 situation I am putting it to the community as to whether I should open it this week or not. There is a fair amount of room for “social distancing” in the space, but we all do use the same facilities, equipment, keyboards, doorknobs, etc. Maybe this is an opportunity to do a deep clean of the space? IDK. I am looking for what the community wants to do here so that I can act accordingly with the consensus.

Thank you,

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I personally would love for the space to stay open. I am taking some of my time there to wipe down everything with a disinfectant wipes. But i trust the best judgement of the community.

Other similar groups have or are shutting their doors, I recommend at minimum not having public open hours, as well as discouraging people from coming to the space, member or otherwise.

We should all be at home as much as we can right now.


Agree with Mike. We are in a critical infection window for the next few weeks. Best to stay home.


Poll for VHS members:

  • Open the space
  • Keep it closed

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Considering how Italian experience shows a long (5-19 days) infectious period exists before symptoms even start, closing the space seems the logical step to take. Frustrating as it is, we do not need our hospitals to become overwhelmed as they currently are in Lombardy.


Someone can close this thread as the space is now closing for at least the next two weeks. Thanks @neumannaudio for hosting this when you did and I hope we can arrange to start it back up again soon.