Community Accessibility

Hey there. I’m very interested in joining VHS. I’m born and raised in the commercial drive area (well, I was born downtown) and I am currently on disability assistance. $60 dollars is over 1/3rd of my monthly budget for food, gas, dog food, clothing, and anything else I need after my 3 monthly bills (rent, car insurance, phone bill).

I’m wonder if the lovely folks at VHS have anything in place for increasing accessibility for low income folks. Like a volunteer-for-membership situation, reduced membership fees, etc? Or if there is any way we could work something out.

I would love to volunteer as I really struggle with isolation and depression, so volunteering in exchange for membership would be a great arrangement for me. I could also pay some sort of reduced monthly membership fee.

I think its very important for organization like VHS, makerspaces in general, Co-Ops, to be as accessible as possible, and I’m hoping that VHS members feel the same way :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi Kyra! I’m on the board. We have a long-standing policy of subsidizing memberships; please email the board at to make a request and we’ll discuss it.


Sweet :slight_smile: That’s awesome. Like I said, I’m happy to volunteer or something like that. Will email shortly :slight_smile:

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Please do note that there is currently a temporary shut down of the physical space for two weeks.

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Yes, I noticed that. An understandable bummer.

Sent an email :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting you!