Commercial Drive Car Free day 2023!

VHS is confirmed for Car Free day on the drive on Saturday Sept 9th. The event will run between 12 and 7 pm.
We will be running a booth that teaches people how to solder, we will also be making buttons, and just telling people about how awesome VHS is.
If you are interested in volunteering, here is a combined form for car free day and the zucchini race day after. ( you can sign up for which ever you are interested in )

If you are new, don’t worry. You can get acquainted with soldering ahead of time if you are interested.
It’s a great way to get to know other VHS members and earn your keyholder vouch.


Drop by and check out the VHS booth at Car Free Day Saturday Sept 9th on the Drive!

Stick around and help out if you can!

The VHS Booth is located across the street from the Legion at 6th and Commercial Dr.

Google Maps Link


This is tomorrow.

Please come out and help even if its for an hour or two.

VHS could use your help it getting out the word in how great a space this is.



Looking awesome!

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A good day today. Lots of folks stopping by to check out the VHS booth.

Shoutout to @xquared for organizing and all the logistics.
also to other folks that helped out today

let me know if I missed anyone,

3D printing, Button Making, Learn to solder kits were all in use.

Janet and David behind the scenes entertaining folks!