Come and get your stuff

The drops boxes and various other places are piling up with various items that appear to be for people…
Here is a first batch to remind people to come and get them…
If you no longer want the item let me know and it will go into the freecycle pile…
If no one responds in 2 weeks then the item will also end up in the freecycle pile…

Toaster Oven for “SHANE” (but I don’t know what Shane)
Located in the server room

Box for “Rueben” (again don’t know the talk handle)
Seems to have a light in it
Located on the coffee table

Filiment for @Janet
In the drop box

Raffle item for @jon
In the drop box

Raffle item for @Imagesurgery
In the drop box

Raffle item for @Goatwind
In the drop box

Thanks for the reminder. That’s on loan from Martin. Will pop in this week.

The oven belongs to Shane Macintosh. @macintoshsj

He was asked to remove it in Nov of last year.

I’d say it is safe to get rid of if no response here.


@Reuben - One of the items above has your name on it…

@macintoshsj - Shane is that your toaster oven and if so when will you grab it? Thanks

The power supplies are earmarked for @Pat

thanks, missed that I had one that one. I’ll pick it up this week.


Here are a few more things for peoples to pick up:

@macintoshsj - Random box that is now in one of the Drop Box Lockers:

@fish - Monitor in upper office:

@xquared - Filament maker in upper office:



Picked up.

I picked up my stuff too

Thank you. I forgot about that.
I have also picked up the stuff