CNC Milling machine donation

Hi VHS, it’s been a while!

I’ve got a Grizzly G0619 modified with a CNC Fusion stepper + ballscrew kit, as well as a PC controller and related parts, and a bunch of R8 tooling. Is this something VHS would be interested in as a donation (perhaps with a first right of purchase @ $1 if VHS ever decides to dispose of it?)

This is on a pickup basis, from a basement in East Vancouver (~6 steps down). The pickup would need to happen between ~Aug 25 and ~Sept 7th. The machine is > 200kg, so moving it safely requires some thought.

More details:
-Grizzly G0619 w/CNC Fusion stepper + ballscrew kit installed. (original parts still handy)
-PC, stepper PS & stepper controller integrated into a pretty nice box

Machine history:
-I purchased the G0619 and CNC conversion kit at the same time, around 2010
-After the conversion it had relatively low blacklash, but surprisingly poor cut quality under any sort of load
-I got busy with work and various other things, using it only lightly for several years
-Around 2016/7 I finally tore the machine down searching for the source of poor cut quality, and found that saddle had a disastrously defective factory grind. I acquired a replacement saddle from Grizzly, and rebuilt the controller box.
-It appears to be running much better now, but I haven’t had further time to fully test it.
-I’m (sort of)moving soon



hi Chris. not sure if we have ever met…What control system is it currently running?
also curious. do you have any pics> maybe a few pics of the path out of the basement?

The stepper controller is a Gecko G540 connected via parallel(!) port to a PC running LinuxCNC.

Currently the basement is very full of boxes that will be gone by the 25th. Once that’s clear it’s ~6m straight across a reasonable concrete floor and 6 concrete steps to ground level. Then a few m of concrete patio and grass to a parking spot.


thats great! base included? if so what size is the base? there is a discussion going on in our slack app figuring out if we can fit in and how to pick it up.

The base is included 93x61cm, 93cm tall. Of note, the legs should be tall enough to roll an engine hoist underneath.


I have a few flat dollies that can be used for this, if it goes forward.

I can help if you need extra hands moving it

hey Chris…would the 29th or 30th of August be a good time for a pick up? I think we got a plan. is there anything else we should know?

Hey all,

I’m free either of those days, except for around 2-4pm (baby napping). Just to kick start things, how about Aug 29th at 10:30am?

Could a responsible party contact me @778-858-2195 to talk about some paperwork details around the donation and perhaps a first right of repurchase if VHS wants to dispose of it in the future?

For everyone helping to on the pickup, please bring a mask.



Hi Chris, i can give you a call. whats the best time?

Spoke to Chris and we are good for saturday pick up. I think 3 of us (plus chris) will be able to move the machine. I can rent an engine hoist and have approval to use some equipment from the Gallery.

so the plan is to meet at 8:30 at the hack space. go pick up the hoist, pick up the dollies from the gallery and be at chris’s place by around 10:30.

@Gavitron does this work for you? anyone else want to be the 3rd person?


tentatively, yes. I’m on-call for something that was supposed to happen this week, but is now “imminent”. let’s target the 29th, and see what happens. :slight_smile: I will plan to be at the space at 8:30am saturday, and if that has to change for any reason, I will update both here and in slack #machine-shop.

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anyone want to be the 3rd amigo on this adventure?

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i’ll give you stickers…

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See you there on 8:30 am on saturday.


I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Chris for this donation (we purchased it for a dollar so if we want to sell it. chris has first refusal for 1 dollar)



Hi folks, I was admiring the new Grizz at the space the other night and wanted to ask if there is a champion for this machine? If not I would be willing to get it rolling, or offer my assistance.


I know @Emerson has been taking something of a lead on this, so he should definitely be looked into this conversation.

I’m involved in this from a building of a base perspective; a bunch of the big rusty steel in the metal shop is earmarked for this build, and I have designed the base, I just haven’t gotten around to making the build happen yet. It’s on my list for this week.

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Hi Jon, and everyone, happy new year.
@Metal_Janet is right, I’m also willing to get it running as soon as possible.
Every help is certainly very welcome.
We could sit together any day convenient for you and discuss the steps for after Janet gets the basis.
Thank you for reaching out.


Great, let’s form a plan and timeline. I’m considering getting one for myself at home instead of building a frame from scratch. This is a good example to follow for my own build.