Cleanup and organization of Machine Shop

Big shoutout to @Cantina_Dude and @rsim for their work today in the Machine Shop!

From Cantina_Dude via VHS machine shop slack channel.

Doing some purging, deep cleaning, and organizing in the machine shop. A few shop infrastructure upgrades too!

I would hope we can all do our part to help keep things looking tidy in there, return things to their appropriate places, and be thorough with chip cleanup. We got under absolutely everything in the shop and cleared out a ton chips, so we’re at a good starting point now!

The workbench is much clearer now than it has been for a long time, and it is a much more usable surface. There are still a few little tubs on the workbench that I think would be great to clear out and free up a bit more usable space, but it’s a start!

Infrastructure upgrade → power bar and mounting rail plus light fixture behind lathe

Cleanup up workbench and organized peg board!

Organized and tidied up storage



Amazing. Thank you so much @rsim and @Cantina_Dude!!!

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