Cleaning out my workshop. Free electronics

I have a bunch of stuff that I thought someone here might appreciate. The price is free. Pickup in Yaletown. Hopefully someone would like to take the lot, but let me know what you’d like.
The routers probably have Tomato installed and will need to be factory reset to unlock them as I don’t recall the passwords.

The alarm system is unused and still in the original box with the documentation, although I think it may need a 12v lead acid battery to work but there is a chance it will work just from the 12v transformer.
The Onion Omega 2+ kits are all new and in the boxes they came in.

The laptop is running Ubuntu.

All I ask that if you make something cool from any of this send me pic.

I’m pretty sure everything works.


I’m not a regular on this forum so response will be faster if you email me at

i’d love the omega kits, if possible?

I’m in Yaletown today. Leaving town for a couple of days tomorrow. Back early next week.

I would love the Ubuntu laptop, memory and routers if possible!
Thank you!

I’m in Yaletown all day today. Tomorrow I’ll be going out of town for a few days. Back on Monday or Tuesday next week.

My son will be around on the weekend, so you could pickup in Yaletown then too.

I have tentative takers for the Omegas, the laptop, the routers and the RAM, which leaves the alarm system and the D-Link webcam.

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We can take the alarm & the D-Link webcam.

It looks like I have takers for everything. I’ll post an update if anything falls through.