Cleaning Log - May 18 2017


Cleaning does not happen magically at VHS! It’s nice to know that folks are doing their bit to keep VHS a nice place to work and perhaps also give out some recognition for doing this work.

With that in mind I though I’d start a talk posting theme and see if it helps. My idea is that if you clean up something, take out the garbage, sweep, or clean up the wood shop or change the laser filters, clean out the load bay or whatever it is you did please make a post here so we can all see the work that gets done and like you a lot for it. :slight_smile: Also if you see any issues you can perhaps mention them in your post.

So today I wiped down and dusted off with the air compressor and tidied up bench tops E, F and G. I also blew off the middle shelves and plastic storage cases above these benches

I noticed some epoxy stuck to the top of bench E (Sewing Bench). See pics below. I’ve scraped off what I can.

Just a reminder if you are working with epoxy, glue, paint or any liquids that will stain or stick to the surface please cover the surface with something to protect it. It will be muchly appreciated by all.


please use newspaper when working with epoxy or paint.


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