Class: From 0 to Fusion360 in 2 hours - Monday, April 23rd @ 7:00 to 9:00


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to use CAD (Computer Aided Design) but haven’t quite done it, this class is for you!

We will explore Autodesk’s Fusion 360, an all-in-one CAD program with a free enthusiast license. Come with no experience and walk away with enough exposure to make things for 3d printing or laser cutting.

Doors open at or before 6:30pm, class starts promptly at 7pm.

Also, if you have something you want to show (such as a cool project you made) please let me know ahead of time and we’ll work on how to work it into the night.


This sounds terrific, @mike!

What do you recommend people bring to your class? A laptop with Fusion 360 installed?


You are welcome to come with a laptop with Fusion 360 installed, pen and paper, both, or nothing. I won’t be walking through how to install Fusion the day-of, so if you intend to follow along please make sure it is installed and you’ve signed up with an account before class.

Otherwise, bring yourself!


Sounds great, I’m in :slight_smile: Thank you!


I’m in thanks Mike!


I’m 92% sure that I am in…


some things I’ve made with Fusion360. I might not be able to bring any of them:


Hi, I will come to this for sure. Looking forward to it!


So far it looks like we’ve got some great demos lined up in addition to the main training.

@iMakeRobots has graciously agreed to show off one of his assemblies for one of his robots, and @eapenmathew will show off his process for turning a rough direct model from a different CAD program into a Fusion360 model for use in 3d printing.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!


I’m a bit late to the game but is there still room in your class?


Of course! See you there Monday. If you want to sign up on the meetup page, it might help with some groundswell.


If anyone gets to the space early for the class and gels like opening the door lemme know cuz I’m hanging out drinking coffee till it starts


Thanks (had to leave before the end) for the great class…
Feel much better about trying to use 360 now…


Sorry @packetbob just saw this.


Great talk! Thanks everyone. I feel like I have some basic skills now that will help me poke around in Fusion360 and go from there. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for coming. If you want to talk more f360, check out the #mech-cad chat on slack!

If you want a more 1:1 session for fusion, give me a shout and I can help!