City of Vancouver Design Contest


These look great, but I feel are impractical for the bike user. For one thing it would not support 2 bikes in a separated manner. I dont like my bike interfering or being interfered with another persons bike. Additionally depending how you lock your bike, (I for one use a U-lock around front wheel+frame) one may find it difficult to lock up and/or keep the bike from falling over.

Therefore as part of the design process various use cases need to be considered and various feedback from cyclists would benefit the design.



Thanks for the feedback Bob! The idea with my design is that you’d have one bike leaning on each side of the rack like this:

Do you feel this design is less practical than the Heart design above or would you have the same complaints for that one?


I think any flat design is likely to have that problem. The interference I find is with handlebars jutting across into the other bicycle area; but that’s my experience.


I am in Utah right now, and saw a bike rack with some strong Canadian vibes that I thought I would share.


i can’t believe that’s not Canada!


Utah, twinned with Canada.


Sean, my thoughts are a design whereby the tubes are shaped in such a way as to provide two landing spots that are also mostly non-interfering, kind of. Ive had an idea in my head for a while.


Bring them home! Clearly they are in the wrong place. :stuck_out_tongue:


@seanpo, the Red Heart Bike Rack is a winner from aesthetics, manufacturing and cost!


It could be grapevine leaves, you know, Adam, Eve and all that… :smiley:


so i procrastinated until the last day and made something.
this particular render didn’t finish on time. so i submitted a pretty sub-par presentation
but now i go finish my actual growler :beers:


450 entries received.

Apparently you can vote for your fav from the short list at City Hall. Fri Jan 15th and Sat Jun 16 12pm-8pm

Check out Bike Rack Short List Exhibition for more info



Dang! I’m not one of the shortlisted ones - so it goes


I did look for yours, I found it on the wall though. Sorry :frowning:


rain, leaf, mountain and whale. i am seeing a strong theme emerging.
thanks for posting these, @TomKeddie


I bet there are some local breweries that might be interested in this…