City of Vancouver Design Contest


City of Vancouver has a design contest around bike racks.

If you live, work, or study in Vancouver, you’re invited to enter our bike rack design contest. We’re looking for designs that:

  • Are fun and functional, and hold two bikes
  • Can be fabricated and installed by the City in a cost-effective way
  • Reflect Vancouver in a creative and original way


I like the idea of custom creative bike racks!

Toronto Bloordale one of a kind bike racks

I think this contest could be made better by having site specific racks that acknowledge the history of the specific location where they are installed as opposed to a number of generic designs installed all over the city.

This is what Cycle Savers was attempting to do with the City of Vancouver.


we should find some way to revive this, but in bike rack form…


Also, I love this contest, I don’t have any ideas yet but I’m certainly tempted.


This is great, I think I’m going to submit a design :slight_smile: @chadleaman would Fusion360’s Drawing output be a good format to submit it? And can I post pictures here after my submission?


Not my contest, just the “signal booster”. :grinning:

From their website though, looks like what they are wanting is:

When completing the entry form, you will be asked for the following information:
• The name of your design
• The idea behind your design
• A single horizontal 8.5” x 11” page with illustration(s) of your design. JPEG or PDF formats only.
You may submit one file per design. The file can include one or more illustrations on a single sheet. It should not include personal information such as your name or contact information.
• You may submit up to two designs in total. Please complete one entry form for each design.

Contest Brochure
Online Entry Form

… and I say, yah, post pictures here!


Reading between the lines, it sounds like making a nice rendering might go far on this, more than just technical drawings. But F360 can help there too!


Well clearly it’s time for the butt-shaped bike racks where you park your bike between the cheeks.


I made a whale tail design, what’s everyone think?


Will that be a bicycle rack?


@SeanPo I do like the form.

From a manufacturing point of view it i think it might be a tough sell. That’s a lot of custom bending on square tube which is gonna be hard to do.

From a security perspective I would say that those fins provide excellent leverage for a long bar to rip the rack out from the concrete.



The manufacturing issues is a good point, it very well may count against me. As for the security, I figured if the heart bike racks were okay, this wasn’t too far from it.


Neat design. Reading up on their rules:

Good call on labeling the inside distance as more than 9"

It’s not immediately clear that your design follows the “caneability” guideline

Might want to redesign using 1.5" - 2" pipe. It doesn’t say that’s required, but all of the examples they show use it


also use round tubing, this will make bending easier.

contact benco fabricators

They do some manufacturing art contracts for the city.

They might be able to give some advice


I don’t think my first design quite met the caneability requirement. I finally got around to redesigning with 1.5’’ round tubing and made it fully compliant. Seem better to you all?



Can you make the mounting plates look like ripples on the water, or something interesting with them?


That’s a neat idea! It’d definitely be less cost effective, but probably better to include fancier features for the contest. They can cut corners if they choose to :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, not sure if there is a way to put “options” in your design sheet, but you could have the cheaper options enumerated


I found ripples were kind of tough to do in 2D, and the mounting hole walls were getting quite thin:

Also it looks kind of like a face instead of ripples to me?

I’m thinking maybe just a wave pattern now:


across the street there should be the other half of the whale :slight_smile: