Cintiq power supply - long shot but figured I'd ask. :)

Does anyone have an older cintiq power supply I can borrow to check on the state of a couple of drawing tablets. They both have screen issues which I’d like to work on (I’m thinking the caps are going) but they have no power supplies and I don’t want to invest in one off ebay until I know I can fix the screen issues.

It’s a Cintiq 22HD

Apparently this is the power supply required.

I will beer/rootbeer you for a loaner.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t have one, but this seems like exactly the sort of thing The Hackery would have kicking around.

good luck!

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What does the connector look like? One of these which looks superficially like Mini-DIN but isn’t?

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based on my quicky research it appears to be a 12VDC power supply that uses 4 pins perhaps for current capacity as the specs say it draws 6A…
you could try opening it up to determine polarity and see if the 4 pins are joined together inside…

Pretty sure it’s this

I have to open it anyway to check for loose ribbon cables so I’ll take a look at the innards of the power connector port and will report back.

i’m thinking that 2 of the pins are each connected in parallel for the 12VDC supply… If you confirm this and figure out the polarity you should be able to connect any power supply as long as it can source 5A (based on what the makes specs call for)…

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I have the pin out for those somewhere on my phone. gonna find that photo

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Is it this?

Also just leaving this here. This guy has done a bunch of repair videos. Looking forward to fixing these drawing tablets.