Celebration of Science Event at Britannia Community Centre

Hey, VHSers
Celebration of Science event will take place on Saturday January 25 at Britannia Community Centre, Gym D. The event runs from 10:00 to 4:00 with setup starting at 9:00. Free Lunch will be served to volunteers.
We will be fielding our usual learn to solder booth. Given the proximity of the event, it will a good venue to recruit new members for VHS.
I am going to be organizing the booth, let me know if you are free and are interested in helping out with set-up, tear-down or teaching to solder.

sign up here with the password: 1601Venables


Hey signed up to help on the Monday before event, assuming that is to help kit / sort? Doing the LightBOX SMD that night too, so can stay late or arrive early. Sorry in US on Thurs and Friday but can likely help on Sat just need permission slip / reality check from Mrs.

Thanks Mimi!


Just bumping this. If anyone can help at this event please do. Mimi’s events have brought in new members and there will I’m sure be a lot of local folks at this one. It’s a great opportunity to help VHS.

Thanks for signing up to help. Any help at all is appreciated.
I plan on getting the kits sorted on Monday night.

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Hazel and I are coming for the afternoon shift and the teardown. So that is 2 more.


I’ll be there Saturday, whenever I’m needed.

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I’m in tomorrow night so thought I’d check on the irons/re-tin a few tips make sure none are on fire… unless someone has already done that? :slight_smile:

If you can do that, that would be great



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Sounds like a plan - how many stations do you need?

let’s just prep 4 of them.
I think we won’t have a lot of space.

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Sounds good. I think the Hakko clones are in the best shape.