CE Smart Home (ESP8266 like) smart switch 3d printed case

So, somebody a while back donated a couple CE Smart Home switches to VHS (I think @JohnC)

I took one home to see if it could be re-programmed. The answer was yes! There are instructions on this github. Unfortunately, this required me to cut apart the case of the switch to access the plug inside, and the bare board isn’t appropriate for use.

So, armed with my calipers, I went to work CAD’ing up a case, pretty much copying the original. After

This is after a decent amount of trial and error…

But it works great! Snaps together, button fits, nice and safe.

When we had these buttons, there was a bit of uncertainty about how to mod them safely (though there may be a software hack). I’m rather confident that these will make relay control of various items pretty easy though.

I’ll be posting more details and all files on thingieverse/github soon. Hit me up if you want em RIGHT NOW.


Amazing! I remember when you cracked that. It’s great you designed a new case. It’s so annoying those are wave welded or whatever it is they do to plastics. Thanks for sharing the files.

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Can these be hacked to work with Samsung SmartThings?

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I imagine so, but I don’t know anything about the Samsung stuff. Once you get access, you can do whatever, they are just an ESP8266 with a button, an LED and a relay on 3 of the pins. You can code it however you want.

Mine are similar… although neither of these 2 brands.

It may be worth it to note that 3d printed plastic is unlikely to retain the fire retardant and heat resistance and electrical insulative characteristics of the original case. It may be useful to epoxy or glue the original casing back together instead of changing it completely.

I think Rob accepted that risk when he cracked it. :wink:

But then it would so much less fabulous darling.

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