Catchy Slogans for Keeping Tables/Workspaces Clean?


I don’t think QR codes are important, I think all we need is a simple hierarchical coding scheme… Every place where a thing can be stored has an address, and every thing that needs to be stored has a sticker with the address on it.


Can we adopt IPv6 addressing for this?

I’m kidding…

Old system:
L = letter of bench
S = shelf, from low to high, with 3 always the desk

I would like to reimplement this, but maybe with an extra area/room designator


e.g. start with an emoji for which area:
:couch_and_lamp: =lounge
:hammer_and_wrench: =metal
:thread: =fabric arts

then allocate a digit per shelf/bench/section

then sequentially letter each position/bin on the shelf.

That’s probably good enough :slight_smile:


I would suggest:
A-B-S, with A being area/room, B for bench, and S for numeric shelf, but with 3 always being the desk, if it has a desk


goddammit I spent hours on that half-baked proposal and now can’t find it.


Make an organization system for your organization system



I actually built one of these tool boards with drill storage for the bunker, but it was cut apart and re-purposed/dumpstered after the move to Cook St.