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Hey VHS electronics experts! Was at the open house last night (thanks for having me) and it was suggested I post here in search of the help I’m looking for. I’ve been circuit bending old reel to reels and cassette decks for the past few years with a very dim understanding of what it is I’m doing, which thus far has been rewarding!

(At the risk of shameless self promotion, if you’re interested in some of the sounds I’ve been able to coax out of the things you can check out my work here: … mostly this has amounted to putting potentiometers on the heads to decrease their effectiveness, or feeding the system back in on itself to make them squeal a bit.)

That inevitable time has come, however, where I am now smooshing myself up against the wall of my own ignorance as I dream up more and more things for the old beasts to do. I was hoping to find someone to work with or to commission who can help me perhaps add some CV modulation, throw on a few wet/dry knobs, and tame some squelching bias oscillators. If this sounds like your cup of tea let’s have some conversation!

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Im looking for some reel to reel players and mainly the tape for them. Do you have any extra?


I don’t have any to spare at the moment unfortunately! The best supplier for used decks in the lower mainland is a fellow named Curt out in Langley – his website is here:

If you do a quick Craigslist search for “reel to reel”, basically anything that is in all-caps that is in Langley comes from him and will be totally recalibrated/refurbished and functional. He sells tape as well for very reasonable prices! I will keep you posted if I am jettisoning anything from my own stash. :slight_smile:


cool thanks! I have alot of tape decks already and 1 mint 1976 sony reel to reel. I want to put music on you need any more tape decks ?


Woot! Laurie Anderson unite


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