Carpentry help with van tweaking!

Hey VHS community!

Was a member last year to build my van and loved it there. I’m no longer a member but I figure I may be able to find someone to help me on a paid gig. I’m going to be selling my van and have a few things I want to fix/improve before I do. Mainly flooring but also a little bit of carpentry. The flooring (reclaimed douglas fir) needs to be redone in parts (where it has worn from a drawer with wheels) and a table needs to be reshaped.

It would probably take an afternoon, maybe two afternoons.

Message on here or send an email!



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Hey Andrew, I should be in over the course of the coming week and may be able to help. When were you thinking of going?


Hey Thomas! Sorry, I forgot to check this thing! Will you be around mid-week?



No worries! I’ll be heading back to Montreal early this week unfortunately. Best of luck with the van!

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