Carbon Fibre 3D printing


Hi there,

I got curious about 3D printing with carbon fibre, so I put together this shopping cart. Beefy new nozzle to survive the abrasive materials, a spool of CF-reinforced ABS, and some filler stuff to hit the free shipping threshold. But I’m asking for other people to chip in before I order!

If other VHSers pledge to pay for at least half of this, I’ll buy it and it will belong to VHS.
If you think something else that’s currently in stock would be a better choice, speak up! :slight_smile:


Ok, I’m totally in for $40!
I would love to play with some super tough filaments.


I have an anonymous pledge for $20 too… One more will put us over the line! :slight_smile:


put me in for $20


And we’re tilted! Thanks everyone! I’ll wait until after lunch to order, just in case someone raises concerns about what’s being ordered. :kissing_heart:


Nice! So the plan is to retrofit the existing printer (not the tinkerine)?


SWIM* and knows about such things should pick one of the non-Tinkerine printers to receive the modifications

* someone who isn’t me


Can I add these to the wiki before it gets buried?


Maybe wait until it’s arrived :slight_smile:


PAYEDD (why did they SMS me :confused: )


Anyone look for the box of sample material from Colorfabb? Had a small spool of carbon fiber filament in there.
Yeah stainless steel nozzle or stronger. Looks like you got one from the best company I can recommend.
From experience I can tell you the filament is very brittle and the 1.75 is worse then the 3mm. Have to make sure the spool can unroll smoothly. And definitely make sure that when its stored that the filament doesn’t roll up on itself. I ended up breaking a few meters of it while trying to get the spool back into order.


Part I want to make with the carbon fibre filament. Base piece for Charlie. Will hold the wheels and weight of unit.


nice! Is that two pieces, the rectangular one on the left, and the hexagonal one on the right?


I designed as one big piece because I couldn’t think of a way of bolting it together and retaining strength.