Car trailer/mover

Does anyone know somebody who won’t charge a fortune to transport a small car to Vancouver island? It’s a long story, but basically I can’t get my car into gear and it’s a home built car, so no mechanic in Vancouver is willing to even look at it.

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Seriously? Looks like a bug-eyed sprite. What about Octagon Motors across from VHS?
What running gear does it have?

Edit to add - also looks like a scaled down early AC Cobra

Is renting a truck and a trailer an option? Might be cheaper than a tow. (edit: check Uhaul and also Driving Force for prices)

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Also try calling up Fairview Automotive; tell them Mike and Pepper (the dachshund that used to live next door) sent you. They are absolutely lovely and often have some very interesting cars out front.

Thanks Mike. I’ll give them a call. Cheers

Right now I’m leaning towards a UHaul truck and trailer. But, I’d love to find somebody who transported something from the island to Vancouver and is heading back with an empty trailer.

You’re not far wrong.
The frame is from a TR3, so it’s got British sports car bones.
The grill styling is definitely Cobra inspired, but my dad created the overall design out of his head and then built it in fiberglass.

Another thought, maybe ask on the Facebook group for the 4 Wheel Drive Association of BC? I know this isn’t a 4WD related thing but that is a group that is highly likely to have trucks and trailers so you might find someone going your way.

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That’s a good idea. Thanks again.