Car keys replicated

Hi folks,

I have an old car whose pattern for key blades is no longer available.

Is anyone able to scan my key to a 3d model and then make a key from that? Cnc or 3d print or I’m open to options… thank you

Silly question, but have you tried taking your key to Canadian Tire? I remember they have a machine to duplicate car keys. My mind is fuzzy, but I think Home Depot and Lowes did too.

Not silly at all… I’ll give them a try. It’s the blade that’s the issue… it’s a bit of a different format from everything out there. Thank you for taking time to help me.

Along the silly train of thought…Have you tried a dealer for the car maker or maker directly? They’ll probably gouge badly, but they should have it or should be able to point you in the right direction.

Look up keys from AliExpress or eBay and have a locksmith cut them?

i have had similar issues with motorcycle keys. i found that broadway locksmith had my blank. they have been around for a long time so may have the older keys.


Broadway Locksmith is awesome. Do try them for sure.

They’re also great on and with the phone, so if that is easier, it’s good to know that…

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I tried them first, thank you

Ok thank you I’ll give Broadway locksmith a try

Leaning towards buying 3d scanner now

Out of curiosity, what car model and year are we talking about?