Can you "handle" it -- Scrap Challenge - Due July 31st, 2019


Hi All,

It has been awhile since the last scrap challenge. So here we go! We’ve done scrap challenges in the past (check out Wood Scrap Challenge). In the past we have kept the subject open but the materials more specific.

This time, we are going to keep the subject limited but the materials are pretty wide open.

A. You must use ‘scrap’ material. Stay honest, but we won’t define this. If the material wasn’t likely to get used, we can consider it scrap for the purposes of this challenge.
2. You must either post a photo or post a link to a build log thread as a response to this to enter before midnight of July 31st, 2019
III. The object you create must in some way act as a handle. It can be knob, a beer tap handle, a gear shift lever, just anything that someone could reasonably call a handle.

That’s it. I encourage people to post in-progress works, or if you are doing lots of in-progress work, make your own thread and link back to it here.

Also, if you happen to find a purpose for your handle, please take a photo in-situ so we can see how it looks. Bonus points for if it is a useful handle for something at VHS, but that isn’t necessary.

Voting details to come, but this is all for fun so let’s just be awesome and inspire others to make awesome things too.


Dropping this here for inspiration