Call for interest: Hacking Science Presentation and Discussion

Many of the same tools, techniques, and toys that are found in VHS are being used to push the boundaries of science through the rapid development, of new, specialized, inexpensive, and shareable scientific equipment. My partner, Dr. Jordan Hollarsmith, and I are both marine scientists who build and deploy equipment that we have built ourselves to expand our understanding of the effects of pollution on ocean ecosystems, and to explore never before researched areas of the world’s oceans (using robots!). We would love to host a workshop at VHS to present to the community our research, showcase the tools that we have built, and discuss how we believe the hackspace community has the potential to make significant contributions to science through the development of new research tools.

If there is interest, we are thinking of sometime in late April or early May for this. Any suggestions on format are welcome!

Thanks in advance all!



Sooo coool!


This is awesome!

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Super interested!

A great idea.

Can I bring my kids and a few of their friends? We have two budding zoologist in our group and I think this would be a great way to start in our backyard. They are dreaming of going to the Galopologis Islands for their Thesis one day. As for me, I would love to help!~


Of course! One of our close friends lives in Vancouver, but works in the Galapagos. I’ll see if she might be interested in joining. At the very least, we can borrow some of her pictures.

This is a really good idea and hella interesting!