Call for assistance: serger trainers needed

Hi all,

The space has a couple of sergers (overlock machines). They don’t officially require training, but some members have expressed a desire to be trained.

The sewing committee is looking for somebody who is experienced with sergers and willing to offer training on them. Or alternatively, somebody who is willing to learn to use the sergers and then train others on them.

(Myself and @Metal_Janet both have some minimal experience with sergers and are willing to assist people, but I’m not sure it would count as “training”).


I’d love to learn from someone, but regardless I’m hoping to head in in a couple weekends and see what I can learn hands on.

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The main pieces of advice I can give a fresh beginner are:

  1. don’t need to re-thread the serger.

  2. if you do need to re-threads the serger, follow the directions, in order. Losing one thread means you’ve lost all the threads. If you do one of the ones labeled 3 or 4 first, to get them out of the way because they’re easy, they will get in the way and make 1 or 2 impossible to thread.

  3. to avoid needing to re- thread, hold the tail thread really firmly for the first inch or two of stitching. I like to tie an overhand knot in it just so that I know nothing will slip out.

  4. to change thread colours without re-threading, trim the thread on the spool side, tie your replacement colour to the old thread with a reef knot, not a granny knot, and gently pull it through.

Others may add to this if they see fit.


If/when there is some serger training happening, I would love to join in and learn!!!