Buying computers now that NCIX is gone?


Where do people shop now that NCIX is gone?

It’s time to upgrade my mother’s desktop and I’m thinking of ordering one of these mini PCs from AliExpress:

Can anyone offer any alternative shopping advice?


I found to be similar. Their website even has a ridiculous marquee along the top.


I’ve been dealing with Addax Computer on Bridgeport Rd. in Richmond for many years. Good deals, knowledgeable staff.


Here are my current favs: for buying drives and sometimes graphics cards although I like to shop around to get the best prices. They are local. I build my own PCs so have only bought components from them but I see they also sell systems. for cases and drives (I check pricing first on to make sure it’s the cheapest possible in price history) to build systems/check prices on parts for cheap n’ cheerful used laptops - they also sell systems. has their big March sale on right now. I’m a big fan of their laptops.


ooo should add that MemoryExpress actually has products in stock…unlike NCIX towards the end. :smiley:


+1 for memory express. They also price beat any Canadian retailer by 10% the difference I think - both online and brick&mortar. I’ve been using them for years as they were the Alberta equivalent to NCIX before they expanded into BC.