Butterfly Hair Clip

A friend asked me to make this hair clip for her.

It is massive. Furthermore, the art work can’t seem to agree what color those wings are. So I decided, lets make it iridescent, so that it changes color when you look at it from different angles. This is the first I have used iridescent paint. Thank you to Adrian who lent me some from his collection. So I drew up a butterfly and cut it out of clear plastic on the laser cutter.

I painted it purple.

I then painted a clear sheet to plastic with iridescent paint. and taped it to the back ok the plastic.

It looks green from this angle but from other angles it looks blue or transparent. It is a pretty cool effect. Iridescent paint is not super expensive. and I am glad I got to try it. Thank you Adrian.


There’s this cool technique that folks use for an iridescence like effect that involves printing on a CD/DVD substrate? (Can’t seem to find the link rn)