Building Prototypes with Dan Gelbart


It turns out that Dan Gelbart is a bit of a local legend. This guy has QUITE the shop in his home. He’s essentially retired after doing quite well in creating tech in Burnaby. You can Google his name to find out more.

Some of you might have run across this series already but I expect it will be new to most of you.

I put together a playlist of his 18 video series since I couldn’t find one elsewhere.

I also think we should have him come and speak and maybe hey why not get him to join… :wink: the hack space when we are set up at the new location.

The playlist for sharing:


Oh wow. I didn’t know he had a youtube series.

I work with his nephew in that shop for a day or two every couple weeks. It’s an amazing amazing shop, in the the basement of Dan’s mansion.

Dan’s nephew, Zev (who is older than Dan) is a very interesting guy. I could bring up VHS, but I don’t think we have a lot to give them that they don’t already have :wink:



Experimental subjects?

A place to dump offcuts and castoffs?


Community - exactly. This video shows a bit of giving already. I’m not sure they would benefit from the hackspace equipment but we could sure benefit from them helping us.


Ah This guy is in my office all the time. He works with Ikomed, who share my workspace at TRIUMF!! Get me a shirt, so I can throw it at him to wear in his videos.


Yep. My company uses Zev as a private contractor for making cyclotron parts. Those two are one of maybe 40 people in the world doing this.


Hello, I am from Edmonton and new to VHS. The series of videos presented by Dan Gelbart are instructional and inspire to reach a higher skill level.

The spot welder in the video is a captivating project that I would like to build if more information is available. This thread is now ancient but an unasked question is never answered. Has Dan Gelbart ever released any build plans for the spot welder or circulated any photos of the mechanism i.e. the mechanical linkage that permits stiffness yet maintain electrical isolation?